Annetta Dellinger

The JOY Lady

Bringing JOY to hope filled hearts.

We are catalysts of JOY to one another.


Bringing JOY to HOPE-filled hearts

To encourage, educate and equip women to find hope in all circumstances from the real source of JOY, Jesus Christ.

Never Give Up!


Many people have asked these questions because we live in a JOY-starved world.


It is my passion to bring women JOY, rooted in Jesus Christ, to give them everlasting HOPE. Having hope when life is out of control isn’t always easy, however, learning how to embrace JOY Boosters and ignore JOY Robbers will certainly help to open doors of JOY-ful contentment in your life.

Where’s the JOY in my life? Why is my hope fading?

God has used Annetta as an international JOYologist speaker the past 40 years to motivate, inspire, encourage and implant JOY-filled HOPE. She speaks to women at retreats, luncheons, banquets, workshops, conventions and on cruises who come searching for JOY even when life stinks. They leave overflowing in God’s everlasting faithfulness and eternal HOPE to “NEVER give-up!”


JOYfully Serving the Lord

• Board of Directors Loving Care

Hospice and Home Health, London/Marysville, OH

• Founder of JOYful Ministries

• Various Speaker Bureaus

• National Advanced Writers and Speakers Association

• National Women In Mission, Various offices

• National Laborers for Christ, Public Relations Director

• Preschool Director/Teacher, 23 years

• Wife of John, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 5


Glorifying God As…

What I Believe

  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Loving Care Hospice and Home Health
    •      Volunteer Coordinator
  • Loving Care Hospice and Home Health
    •      Board of Trustees President
  • National Caregiver Advocate
    •     JOY-spirations for Caregivers



• The Bible is God’s Holy Inerrant Word

• John 3:16

• The Apostles Creed

• The Nicene Creed


Invite a Joyologist to bring JOY-filled HOPE to your group

                         , as her audiences call her, lives out her mission statement as she encourages, educates and equips women to find everlasting JOY-filled HOPE. Never Give –Up! She inspires, energizes and engages small groups and large groups as if she’s speaking to them one-on-one. Her speaking style includes both vulnerability and humor and she makes God’s Word come alive for you right now. Annetta gives God all the Glory. She creatively customizes her JOY-filled messages to fit the particular theme and needs of your group.


Annetta, whose PHD stands for Perky Happy Disciple, has been an international speaker for 40 years, has had more than 30 books published and spreads JOY through her nationwide radio interviews


Caution: Annetta is contagious with JOY!

The JOY Lady

“We felt like we always knew Annetta. She was truly a help as we planned our first retreat. She is transparent, fun, serious, a great encourager and…she loves to scatter JOY!” - Emily, Retreat Event Planner, IN

The JOY Lady's most popular topics

Living Expressions of JOY

God’s Word is laced with examples of JOY robbers in people’s seemingly unbearable situations. Their lives can become a bridge of God’s faithfulness and everlasting hope to us right now too.

Session 1 – Got Joy?

• Recognize JOY Robbers that take away our JOY.


Session 2 – Where’s the JOY?

• Why Me? Why Now? God are You listening? Connect the JOY robbers in the lives of Biblical people to our lives to find contentment and everlasting hope. Be strengthened by God’s faithfulness to never give up.


Session 3 – Go, Scatter JOY!

• Practical/simple/inexpensive ideas how to scatter joy personally and as a group.

More JOY topics for Single Presentations


  • Scattering JOY in the Journey
  • Chosen, JOY-filled and Making a Difference
  • 101 Ways to Scatter JOY to Show You Care
  • Candid Camera Grandmothers - the JOY of Leaving a Legacy
  • JOYologists All Year Long - Christmas
Caregiving Topics

We are happy to customize our message to your event. Our most popular topics are:


• The Heart of JOY-filled Caregiving

• Instant Stress Busters for JOY-filled Wellness

• 101 JOY-filled Casserole-free Ways to Show You Care

• Emotions of Caregiving



Author: Books: 30   Contributed to: 13   Co-authored: 3

  • 36 power-packed topics that can be read individually or at random
  • Honest letters to God from a caregivers heart. Savor God's response
  • Hope-filled meditations that pertain to challenges in caregiving
  • JOYtoons - Uplifiting, thought-provoking
  • Special tips to aid daily caregiving

Devotions for Women

Be Joyful...Who Me?

Chuckles and Challenges

Celebrate, You are a Woman of Worth



Kisses of Sunshine for Moms*

Kisses of Sunshine for Grandmothers*

Grandkids say the Cutest Things*

A Car Seat in my Convertible*

Mothers of the bible, Speak to Mothers Today*



Blessings and Prayers for Those with Cancer




Ann Elizabeth Signs with Love

The Jesus Tree

Adopted and Loved Forever

Adopted and Loved Forever 2nd Edition

Angels Are My Friends


My First Easter

You Are Special To Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus

You Are Special to Jesus

Raising a Modern Day Princess*

Colors, Colors Everywhere

Good Manners for God’s Children

I Talk To God

Bible Code Book Series:

God Made You Special

God Made Families Special

Jesus-God’s Special Gift to Us

God’s Little Children Series:

Special Prayers

Mealtime Prayers

Bedtime Prayers

Family Devotions

Cause God Made Me that Way


Happy Talk

More Happy Talk

Mug Meditations

Lead Me Lord, Through Motherhood...

Joy Bursts from the Heart



Creative Games for Young Children*

Creative Science for Young Children*

Children's Bulletin Board Ideas*

Special Holiday Handbook*

Kisses of sunshine for Teachers*

Special Holiday Handbook*

Easter Handbook*



JOY-spirations for Caregivers

Blessings and Prayers for Caregivers

The JOY Store

Drag and drop your books to the shopping cart or click for details. Please contact Annetta directly for bulk orders.

One of my favorite things to do is to share ideas (which you can easily implement) and encourage you to scatter the JOY of the Lord to grow hope-filled hearts. God will use you to make a difference for Him. So pick some ideas then "GO" sow the JOY seeds and leave the rest to God! It is so much fun working for the LORD! Remember though that ideas are worthless unless you take action!

JOY Seeds

 A Jar of JOY Boosters Personalized Seeds

JOY-filled Spirit lifters! Encouragement, inspiration, strength, hope, humor, JOY-toons and mini messages packed in a jar. The flexibility of using Jars of JOY Boosters is tremendous! Use for: birthday gifts, shut-ins, hospital patients, families, caregivers, hospice and facility staffs, bereaved families. A JAR of JOY Boosters can touch many lives!

Print off and cut apart the JOY Booster cards. Fold messages and fill the jar. Attach “JOY Booster label” to the jar.

  • Include individual seeds in greeting cards.
  • Roll up individual verses and tie a pretty ribbon around each one. Put them in a pint glass jar and add a pretty ribbon. Include a note like this:


This gift is to let you know I have been thinking about you! Remove one a day, read and then pass it on to someone who comes to visit you! EnJOY your day!

JOY Seeds

Need a speaker for your Volunteer Event?


JOY in the Volunteer Journey is Annetta’s energizing and inspiring message! Her audiences call her The JOY Lady. She is passionate about encouraging volunteers to scatter JOY in their own unique ways.


 Volunteers are Love in Motion who truly make a difference in the lives of others even in the most insignificant ways. A volunteer may be just one person to the world but to one patient they are the world!


Volunteer JOY Boosters for hospice families?  Absolutely!

Loving Care Hospice is a non-profit Christian agency.  We are blessed to serve the Lord and scatter His JOY to the broken hearted patients and families. Real, permanent JOY is Christ’s presence within us {Psalm 16:11}. We act as His hands to reach out with comfort and care; as His voice we speak words of hope, encouragement and the reassurance of God’s eternal love. We are privileged to bring JOY to others wherever they are in life’s journey.

 “The JOY in hospice volunteering comes from opening my heart to vulnerability and... transferring that energy back into a nurturing, quiet and gentle presence.” A.B.

Consider becoming a Loving Care Volunteer!

Openings at the Marysville and London, Ohio locations.

Contact Annetta or send feedback

Annetta encourages, challenges and joyfully fills your heart. She involved her audience throughout the message. We were in awe how she mingled with us personally during the event. She is truly the ''Joy Lady.'' -Jacquie, WA


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Invite Annetta Dellinger, The JOY Lady to speak to your group.


 We are catalysts of JOY for one another.


Become living expressions of real JOY! you will make a difference.


Bringing JOY to HOPE-filled hearts


Annetta Dellinger


Become living expressions of real JOY! You WILL make a difference.